Home Invaders?

Have you ever really thought about what could be living i your home? There are small things living everywhere. In your carpet, vents, couches, floors, pillows, counter tops, everywhere! I cannot think of one place that would be safe from some sort of living thing. In my household we wash our pillows and rugs as often as possible and even try to replace heavily used pillows at least once a year. These are a few areas most people forget about.

I am very big on finding cleaners that are extremely effective yet they don’t leave heavy toxins that could harm children or pets. One of the biggest thing that I believe is over looked are the carpets and floors. Carpets have deep small spaces for things to get into and hide. Even hard flooring can have disgusting things living on it! It is also the one area in the house that everyone touches. Whether they have something on their shoes or feet the floor gets touched with it multiple times on a daily basis.

In my house I make sure we have a professional carpet cleaner come in at least three times a year to help keep my house clean. I know, I know that is probably a bit excessive, but you have no idea how good it feels to have freshly cleaned carpet or immaculate steam cleaned hard flooring under your feet. It gives you an amazing peace of mind.

Keep you and your family clean and beautiful!

Make-up or Make-down?

one of this biggest things that women wear and do in their every day life is put on make-up. You can find make- up everywhere. It seems as if everyone has created a make-up line that is bigger and better than all the rest. I honestly cannot think of one store that does not sell some type of make-up.

Have you ever thought of what is in make-up or what wearing it all day does to your skin? What about the things that collect in your make up? It is seriously disgusting to think about. I heard just the other day that a woman got a staff infection on her face from sharing a friends make up brush. Ok, I know that probably has more to do with the people than the make up but still, yuck!

People really need to be more aware of what they are putting on their skin. Some of that will inevitably soak in to their skin and make its way into your body.

There are a lot of brands out there that are coming up with “cleaner” more natural selections. I Highly suggest you do some research and see what you would  really like to be putting on your face and skin. Always keep your brushes clean and please, please wash your face every night!

Detoxify Your Life

When you hear the word detox, typically you think of a drug or alcohol addict. While those are legitimate examples of detox, currently detoxing is so much more than that. People can be addicted to anything, food, caffeine, sugar, and yes of course drugs (both prescribed and illegal) and alcohol.  Detoxing to get off these things is hard work. They can all have withdraw symptoms.

When it comes to food detoxing there are so many different things out there to try. Cleanses (don’t leave the house haha), slowly staggering off, and the latest thing I have found essential oils. Cleanses are very well known and you can find so many different ones. Staggering off requires quite a bit of will power. As for the essential oils, I have been trying a drink called Ningxa Red. It has actually helped curb cravings and help keep me on track. I was honestly pleasantly surprised. It was way better than any cleanse I have found and you are not tied to a toilet. I did lose weight but not from an immediate flush of everything out of my body it was more of I don’t crave all those things anymore. I had sustained energy so that knocked out the need for caffeine. All it took was 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces at lunch. It also has a surprisingly, good taste. I would describe it like a V-8 splash type of taste.

There are all sorts of reasons for becoming addicted to drugs. Specifically, I am thinking about prescription drugs. One of the most common are pain relievers. I would like to believe that this addiction starts off innocently. That it starts with a real need because of an injury or chronic pain and simply sky rockets from there. My solution for this addiction chiropractic care. It does not involve drugs, simply just the manipulation of bones and muscles in the body. I have personally been relieved of migraines with the help of chiropractic care. There are so many testimonies for relief of this all natural care.

Don’t wait to try and detoxify your life. Get up, take action, and make your life the best it can be!